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Great Leaders and Communicators are made not born.

The quality of leadership makes a difference in the success of an organization. There is a process to follow to become a great leader or to grow great leaders in your organization. We know the process, and we can help you follow that process yourself or install that process in your company.

John Maxwell Certified Training

All trainings done through Robert, James and Douglas Consulting are John Maxwell Certified. These are the same training's used by almost every Fortune 500 Company in the US, as well as small and mid size companies and organizations across the globe. RJD Consultants can tailor each training to meet your specific needs.

What our customers are saying

I am truly grateful for your abilities as a consultant who could not only analyze the critical issues happening, a more effective organization, but to then bring all the elements to the table and seemingly without effort, cast a strategy that has subsequently led to one of the most synergistic relations in the organization’s history. I am particularly impressed by your ability to quick-study our organization and culture, and then to customize a venue to lead us to plan for improving both… I believe that your efforts have invoked a positive change that will be long lasting. You helped us to move forward when it was difficult to do so and pave the way for achieving even more than we anticipated. Thank you so much!

Rick - Lighthouse Charitable Foundation

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